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Antique Pocket Watch

Antique Pocket Watch

Ceres Inc.

Reviews: 115 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

This is the watch face that mimics the antique gold pocket watch.

This analog watch is high utility which has handles. Movement of internal mechanisms such as gear, balance, and escape wheel are completely reproduced! We analyzed the mechanism of a mechanical watch, then we have created a drive parts carefully one by one. All parts are original designed!

We recommend to you who like steampunk, classical design, fantasy.

What's the steampunk?

It is science fiction scenes like European Industrial Revolution which has steam engines. There are many works about the Victorian Britain. Mainsprings, gears, vacuum tubes, clothing and accessories with old gadgets, charming and fantastic view of the world continues to attract a lot of people.

It supports the rectangle and round. Decoration is added to the four corners in the case of rectangle.


Q1: "Android Wear isn't responding. Do you want to close it? Wait OK" was displayed. How do I?

A1: Please tap "Wait". Depending on the model, the above screen appears.

Q2: Can I use this on Apple_Watch?

A2: This watch face is for Android_Wear.

- Tested devices

LG_G_Watch, LG G_Watch_R, ASUS_ZenWatch, Moto_360, Huawei_Watch