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Androsens classic

Androsens classic

Christian Schneider

Reviews: 10 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

Androsens classic helps you to monitor all your device sensors! Android wear is also supported! Gyroscope, light, acceleration, barometer and many more sensors can be displayed. Every Sensor your device has can be inspected. Test your sensors with this small app, its only 60 Kb small and requires no permissions! This is the replacement for the original androsens app without any extras there is also an enchanced version with gps and loging to sdcard features, its also free. Its open source and its free cheers! GPL3

What sensors are tracked? Thats simple to answer: all! Even Android wear is supported now!

- accelerometer

- light sensor

- gravity

- magnetic field sensor

- pressure (barometer)

- orientation sensor

- proximity sensor

- linear acceleration

- rotation vector

- step detector

- significant motion degtector

- geomagnetic rotation vector