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Android Wear Plex Remote

Android Wear Plex Remote


Reviews: 6 | Score: 1 | Price: €1.00

This is a universal remote control for Plex clients that allows you to control multiple Plex clients from an easy to use Google Wear device.

Compatible with both square and circular Android Wear devices, and tested to work with Plex Home Theater, Plex Media Center, Plex for Android, Plex for IOS and Rasplex (a Plex client for the Raspberry Pi)


Supports Plex Managed Users

Automatic client discovery

Navigate menus on the client and play media (up, down, left, right, back, select)

Play, Stop, Pause media that is playing

Control multiple clients (by selecting which client you wish to control on the handheld device)


Before using the remote you should configure the Plex server address and choose the client on the mobile app.

You can then launch the application on Android Wear device and take control of your Plex client.

If you use Plex Managed users you will also need to check the 'Use Managed Logins' check box from within the mobile app and then enter your Plex TV websites username and password, NOTE that this the credentials you use to log into the Plex TV website, not the pin of the Plex user.


If you find any bugs or problems please report them to - we will respond to all emails and will fix any problems

If you have any requests for new features please send them to, this app is under constant development and we will be pushing out new features as soon as we can add them.

Also available on Sony Smart Watch 2 - search for Smart Connect extension for SmartWatch 2 Plex