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24h Analog Watch Face

24h Analog Watch Face

Reviews: 85 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

This is a variation on our 12-at-the-top 24h analog clock face designed specifically for Android Wear. It looks particularly good on round devices, but has support for square too.

Inscribed in the dial is a sunrise/sunset indicator that passively uses your phone's location to stay up-to-date. The yellow line indicates when the sun is at its apex; the gradients are various twilights (civil, nautical, astronomical).

Permissions: The GPS/location usage is entirely passive and uses Google Play Services to get a location. As this app does not have Internet permissions, it does all its computation locally. The wake lock permission is needed for the watch face and is managed by the Wear watch face system.

This face is released under a free software / open source license: GPLv3