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Money Forward, Inc.

Reviews: 19122 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

★Google Play『ベスト オブ 2016』を受賞。『ベスト オブ 2014』『ベスト オブ 2015』につづく3年連続受賞の家計簿アプリ★




★満足度:利用者 約90%・自動取得 約98%・プレミアム 約97%★


























(*1) 2016年12月14日現在

(*2) 2015年4月3日~6日のアンケート調査。「マネーフォワード」利用者の男女3,301名が対象

(*3) 調査委託先:マクロミル 調査対象者:30~40代家計簿アプリ利用経験者412名

won the

★ Google Play "Best of 2016". "Best of 2014", "Best of 2015" in the next three consecutive years of household account book app ★

★ WBS and the Nikkei newspaper, the popular household account book, which boasts a large number of the introduction track record in the WEB Media ★

★ app user 4 million break-Free Finance first place ★

★ bank account and when to work easily grasp the balance ★

★ Satisfaction: user about 90 percent, automatically acquired about 98% premium about 97% ★

Money forward in the

Free, is an easy-to-use household accounts and asset management app .

With cooperation of the bank or credit card and the money forward, to get the Web specification of bank balance or credit card to automatic, and then recorded as a household account book.

Domestic more than 2,600 banking and credit cards, including all banks, electronic money, supports the automatic cooperation with the point, and the like. (* 1)

As a household account book, as pocket money book, as well, it has also been used as an asset management, such as stocks and FX, review also good evaluation!

Even in Popularity Index in regular household accounts and asset management app, it has been featured in many newspapers and television as a staple service of money management!

Even if you were frustrated in this until the household account book of, money forward will continue because it is automatic. It is possible to reliably determine the monthly expenditure and easier if money forward, those who are using has also succeeded in saving the monthly average [yen] 11,642! ! (* 2)

◆ corresponding financial institutions


Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Japan Post, Sumitomo Mitsui, Mizuho, ​​Sumitomo Trust and SBI, etc.


SBI, Monex, Kabudottokomu, Nomura, Daiwa, GMO-click, etc.

【credit card】

Saison, Sumitomo Mitsui VISA, JCB, view, ions, etc.


FX, Amazon, etc.

Cooperation with ReceReco (Reshireko) and Jorte of receipt shooting app

※please note

Is when you use, please be sure to confirm the "Terms and Conditions", "personal information protection policy".

Contact us, please send us your comments / bug you report it here.


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◆ easily mistaken keyword

Money, forward, money, forward, Manny, Manny

(* 1) 2016 of December 14

(* 2) survey of April 3 to 6, 2015. Men and women 3,301 people "money forward" user object

(* 3) investigation commissioned destination: Macromill those surveyed: 30 ~ 40's household account book app use experience 412 people