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@here for Android Wear

@here for Android Wear


Reviews: 543 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

Important: This app requires an Android Wear smart watch.

Have you ever been at a new location and needed to tell a friend where they can meet you? Well, @here makes your life easy! Whenever you stop at a new location, @here will add a notification to your Android Wear device with your current address. Swipe left to see the neighborhood (e.g. "Mission District" in San Francisco), City, County, and other information about your location. Swipe left once more to see a map, and quickly launch your favorite mapping app on your phone right from your watch!

@here will intelligently update the notification on your watch when you stop at a new location, but if you want an update on-demand, just say "OK, Google, start @here", and the notification will appear.

Note: you will not see an app icon for @here in your phone's launcher. It will, however, install an app to your watch.