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*** Navigation for Android Wear and the Sony SmartWatch2 ***

A must-have app for Android Wear and the Sony SmartWatch 2. Whether by bike, car or on foot you have the navigation instructions and selected Notifications always with a quick look to your watch to hand :)

This App displays the Google Maps and HERE Maps Navigation instructions compactly on the watch. To minimalize the battery consumption it uses the features of the devices like Ambient-Mode and Low-Power-Mode.

You can see all your incomminging Notifications from chosen Apps by the Whitelist settings in the App Settings.

If you are using HERE Maps you have to close the HERE Maps app over the Home Button that the Watch can show the Instructions (Attention: Don't stop the current Guidance).

If a small icon is shown in the status bar then the watch can show you the directions. You have to start moving for the HERE Maps Application to start showing the icon.

If you have suggestions or problems with our App feel free to contact our support team. (

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