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iO App

iO App

Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd

Reviews: 7082 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

Communicate for free using a single app. Phone, chat, send pictures or videos and much more. Make free unlimited phone calls to the Swiss fixed and mobile network – even from abroad. Your privacy is protected, thanks to secure data storage on Swisscom servers in Switzerland.

A single app for all your communications:

- Free phoning and texting to other iO users

- Unlimited chatting with other iO users

- Invite up to 100 friends to a group chat

- Sharing of pictures, videos, locations, contacts and more with other iO users

Make «iO Out» calls free of charge:

- Call practically any number in Switzerland, Europe, Canada or the United States *

- Texting to all of your worldwide contacts who don’t yet have iO *

Call Switzerland free of charge:

- Unlimited phone calls to the Swiss fixed and mobile network – even from abroad *

Protect your privacy:

- No use is made of your personal address book

- Communication is secure and encrypted

- All sensitive data remain in Switzerland


- To use iO, you need to have an Internet connection via WLAN or a mobile data network (3G/LTE).

- The Internet connection is not included and usage may incur additional costs.

- An Internet connection via a mobile data network (2G/3G) may result in impaired voice quality, especially at train stations, on trains or in cars.

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*) Free for Swisscom Natel infinity & Natel light (flat rate Switzerland only) customers only

通信自由使用单一的应用程序。电话,聊天,发送图片或视频等等。拨打免费无限制电话给瑞士的固定和移动网络 - 甚至来自国外。保护您的隐私,这要归功于固定在瑞士的瑞士电信服务器的数据存储。



- 免费中打电话和发短信给其它IO用户

- 与其它IO用户聊天无限

- 邀请多达100个朋友加入群聊

- 的图片,视频,位置,联系人共享以及更多其它IO用户



- 呼叫几乎任何数量在瑞士,欧洲,加拿大或美国*

- 发短信到你所有的全球联系的谁还不具备供氧*



- 无限打电话给瑞士的固定和移动网络 - 甚至从国外*



- 不使用由您个人通讯簿

- 通信安全和加密

- 所有的敏感数据留在瑞士



- 要使用供氧,你需要有通过WLAN或移动数据网络(3G / LTE)的Internet连接。

- 互联网连接不包括与使用可能产生额外的费用。

- 通过移动数据网络(2G / 3G)的Internet连接,可能会导致受损的语音质量,尤其是在火车站,火车上或汽车。