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Varietas Software, LLC

Reviews: 290 | Score: 4 | Price: €4.00

eNotify email alerts is the most powerful solution available for email notifications & SMS notifications on both your Android device and accompanying Android Wear smartwatch.

Highly configurable, eNotify email alerts supports rules with custom email alert & SMS alert sounds for different accounts, senders, subjects, recipient addresses, phone numbers & more. Easily silence day-to-day background noise and stay aware of priority messages.

eNotify email alerts does it's work *entirely* on your device working in the background. Your email is safe and your data never leaves your device. Your information is never sent elsewhere. Period.

Sample Use Cases:

 • Override phone's silent profile with 'Godzilla Roar' email alert my wife emails

 • Only play an email alert between 8am and 7pm Monday to Friday

 • When yahoo finance emails a stock quote read it aloud with a text to speech email alert

 • Repeat the email alert sound until cancelled when the email is from my accountant

Functionality Supported:



Popup, Status Bar & Android Wear Smartwatch


Email alert sounds:

Set different sounds for accounts, senders, subjects, recipients, and more [150+ email alert sounds, OR add your own]


Push Mail:

Instant email notifications


Text to Speech:

Read email notification info aloud


Vibration Patterns:

Choose or create your own


Do Not Disturb:

Stop email notifications during specified interval


Override Silent:

Configure some email alerts to override the device silent profile



Configure some email alerts to repeat at specified interval


Smartwatch Exentions

eNotify offers extensions for Android Wear, Toq, Pebble, SW2.

Supported Smartwatches:


Android Wear:

eNotify offers Android Wear email notifications including voice reply


Custom Extensions:

Toq, Pebble, Sony & SW2 , LiveView, MetaWatch


Full Android Watches:

Optimized for Omate Truesmart & Galaxy Gear


Other Watches:

Use eNotify with Augmented Smartwatch or other notification forwarder

Notification Command

Status Bar, Popup & Some Smartwatches



Opens the email app associated with the account


Quick Reply:

Reply quickly without opening email or SMS app


Delete Message

Delete the email from the server


Mark as Read:

Mark the email as read on the server


And More...

Mail Support Info:



IMAP4, IMAP IDLE (Push Mail): GMail, Yahoo, Exchange, and more



POP3 accounts: Hotmail, and more



Exchange Web Services: Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010



None: No requirement to use K9 or GMail


Please join our beta group:!forum/enotify-android




Good to Know:

 • Upgrade to full version: No Ads

 • Supports all major emails: Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, ...

Hire Me: The author!

Independent Android Contractor

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