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dNote: Simple Note Taking

dNote: Simple Note Taking


Reviews: 635 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

##For Arabic users, Eastern Arabic numerals problem has finally fixed! Update dNote now!

dNote is a simple note taking app developed by Digutsoft.

dNote is simple but powerful, so writing and managing notes are very convenient.

You can create your own category to save note, and both short and long note can be added easily.

You can set title to note, so you can easily look up what is the content of the note.

Also, you can pin note in the status bar, so you don't need to switch between app to copy note content.

You can not only share the note, but also share category so you can easily share all the notes in a category.

Since dNote 15.07, you can lock the category so you can protect your note more safe.

Checklist option also provided, so you also can use dNote for to-do list app.

If you have an Android Wear device paired with your smartphone, you can take a note to dNote using "Take a note" voice command.

7 options to manage your note is provided, and more options will be provided via updates.

No ads, and clear and easy UI also provided.

This app does not provide 'Viewing notes from Android Wear' feature now. This feature will be added soon.

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