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dMetronome: Metronome for Wear

dMetronome: Metronome for Wear


Reviews: 223 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

This app is only for Android Wear. This does not run for your smartphone.

dMetronome is the best metronome app runs in Android Wear.

Set BPM with slider, and set accurate BPM with buttons.

After setting BPM, start metronome. Then, your watch will vibrate in the BPM.

You also can set counts from 1 to 8 in preference screen.

Since 15.11 update, you can use 'Tap Tempo' feature which makes you can measure music's bpm by just simple tapping! Swipe up to use this feature.

# Android Wear device frame is from Cyril Mottier.

# Check out source at