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aWARemote for Winamp®

aWARemote for Winamp®

Georg Baumgarten

Reviews: 1885 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

aWARemote for Winamp®

Simply the most beautiful and extensive Winamp® remote control for Android.

Take control over the Winamp® media player on your PC - with your Android Smartphone. Control the current playback, manage the current playlist and access your media library.

aWARemote for Winamp® offers all this, and more.

Awards: - "Cool App"

Try it now! These are the features that aWARemote for Winamp® offers:

- Control over current playback

- Manage and save current playlist

- Access Winamp's queue function

- Access the Winamp media library and your saved playlists (limited to 500 songs and 5 playlists in free version)

- Search the Winamp media library

- turn visualizations on and off

- Equalizer

- Light and dark theme

- Modern Holo UI and easy handling

- Comprehensive options

- Start Winamp from your smartphone

- 2 widgets

- Support for creating multiple profiles for different computers

- Wake on LAN directly in the app

- Sleep timer

- File browser [aWARemote Pro only]

- Password-protected and AES secured Client-Server connection (optional)

200.000 users and a 4,7/5 stars rating for aWARemote Pro for Winamp® speak for themselves.

Also become one of the satisfied users of aWARemote for Winamp® and try it now.

To make aWARemote for Winamp® work, you have to install aWARemote Server on your computer. You can get it at This will also install the aWARemote Server Helper Plugin in Winamp®, which is mandatory for the queue feature support.

If you have any problems with the setup, check out the FAQ section at In this section you will also find an explanation for the required permissions the app asks for.

For further help send an Email to

Winamp® is a trademark of AOL, Inc.

aWARemote Winamp的®


接管你的PC上的Winamp®媒体播放器控制 - 与你的Andr​​oid智能手机。控制当前播放,管理当前的播放列表,并访问您的媒体库中。

aWARemote Winamp的®提供了这一切,以及更多。

获奖情况: - “酷应用”

现在就来试试!这些都是功能aWARemote Winamp的®提供:

- 控制过流播放

- 管理并保存当前播放列表

- 访问Winamp的队列功能

- 进入Winamp媒体库和保存的播放列表(限于500首歌曲和播放列表5免费版)

- 搜索Winamp媒体库

- 对转可视化和关闭

- 均衡器

- 光明与黑暗的主题

- 现代全息用户界面,易于操作

- 全面的选项

- 从智能手机开始的Winamp

- 2小部件

- 支持创建用于不同的计算机上的多个配置文件

- 网络唤醒,直接在应用程序

- 睡眠定时器

- 文件浏览器[aWARemote临只]

- 密码保护和AES加密客户端 - 服务器连接(可选)

200.000用户和4,7 / 5颗星评级a​​WARemote Pro对于Winamp的®为自己说话。

也成为了用户满意aWARemote Winamp的之一®和现在就来试试。

为了使aWARemote Winamp的®的工作,你必须在电脑上安装aWARemote服务器。您可以在得到它。这也将安装aWARemote服务器助手插件在Winamp®,这是强制性的队列功能的支持。