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You Sunk for Android Wear

You Sunk for Android Wear

Spooky House Studios UG(haftungsbeschraenkt)

Reviews: 936 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

Now on Android Wear!

You are captain of a submarine on a secret mission behind enemy lines.

Your mission is to:

- Sink all battleships

- Don't sink friendly ships

- Avoid enemy torpedoes


- 5 types of weapons:

- Torpedo

- Auto guiding torpedo

- Auto guiding rocket

- Electro-magnetic impulse

- Nuclear rocket

- 3 types of enemy boats and additional friendly boat

- 3 different time settings: Night, Dawn, Day

- Upgrade armor shield of your submarine and upgrade speed of your torpedoes

Defeat your enemies and win the war!

现在Android Wear!



- 水槽所有战舰

- 不要沉沦友好舰船

- 躲避敌人的鱼雷


- 5种类型的武器:

   - 鱼雷

   - 自动导引鱼雷

   - 自动导向火箭

   - 电磁脉冲

   - 核火箭

- 3种类型的敌人船只和额外的友好船

- 3种不同的时间设置:夜,黎明,日

- 升级你的潜艇的盔甲盾牌和升级你的鱼雷速度