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Wrist Dialer for Android Wear

Wrist Dialer for Android Wear


Reviews: 119 | Score: 3 | Price: Free


If you have trouble with the voice command Speak number to Call of your Wear device

( maybe because of your language is not supported yet or simply it is not accurate some times )

or you just want to using your hand instead of speaking with your watch

so Wrist Dialer is the application for you.

- Wrist Dialer is making with the concept that help you to easily making a phone call from your Wear devices with beautiful rounding design, and easy to use.


- With Wrist Dialer you could save up to 10 numbers for Quick dial feature, you can re-arrange the position of any numbers by dragging contact up or down, add new or delete a contact number very easily with buttons and the swipe gesture. You could do all the setup inside the application on your Phone, and the contact automatically sync with your Android Wear devices.

- With Wrist Dialer you can dial the number from your recent call log inside the Recent Call menu.

- Wrist Dialer support the Contact images, so you can easily navigate or choose the right contact before making a phone call.

If the contact does not have pre-setup contact images application will automatically create a short name for you to easily choice on your watch.

- Wrist Dialer support the Dial number feature for you to dial any number which is not pre-setup on your phone. You could dial up to 20 numbers length.

- In Calling screen, we are having Speaker Button that allow you to enable / disable Speaker to easier listening to your conversation if you don't have a bluetooth headphone or you can't pick up your phone. There are 2 themes inside setting screen for you to choose. You can choose between Rounded Theme or ListView Theme base on your style.

How to use

Please view the Wrist Dialer tutorial video we are integrated inside the app to understand how to use this application step by step.