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Wiper (for Wear)

Wiper (for Wear)


Reviews: 3 | Score: 4 | Price: €1.00

Wiper is a Storage and Memory Cleaner for Android(TM) Wear:

Wiper allows you to monitor the Storage and Memory Usage of your android wear device directly on the watch. It also shows a list of installed application and their storage consumption. Additionally, Wiper will show you what applications are running in the background and their memory utilization and will allow you to wipe your memory with a single click on the wiper broom icon.

After installation, allow few minutes for the app to be automatically pushed to the wear device.

Note: Android OS will enforce what applications are allowed to be closed and in some cases the closed applications will be re-started if the OS needs them.

Tags: Wear, Memory, RAM, Storage, Space, Uninstall, Cleaner