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Wink - Smart Home

Wink - Smart Home

Wink App

Reviews: 6027 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

Wink is the simpler way to a smarter home. Start with connected products from your favorite brands and control them all from one app. Before you know it, your home will be doing things you never thought possible.

Lights. Security. Comfort. Now they’re all connected through a single app, so you don’t need a different one for every product. Simple controls allow you to monitor and manage everything in your home. This means it can do more for you, and you can do less. Finally.

Wink brings the best brands together in a single easy-to-use app so you have flexibility and control when it comes to your smart home: Bali, Cree, Commercial Electric, Dropcam, Emerson, GE, GoControl, Honeywell, Kidde, Kwikset, Lutron, Leviton, Nest, OSRAM, Pella, Philips, Quirky, Rachio, Schlage, TCP, and more partners are added frequently.

Google Now is an intelligent personal assistant that serves information at the right time. If Google and Wink detect you aren't home and your door is unlocked, an alert will now automatically prompt you to take action through the Wink app.

Trigger Wink Shortcuts by saying "Ok Google, activate [shortcut] on Wink." You can choose from eight preset phrases and customize each Shortcut within the Wink app so that multiple smart products can be controlled simultaneously with a simple voice prompt. For example, saying "Ok Google, activate Away Mode on Wink" can now lock the doors, lower the thermostat, and turn off the lights.

Wink makes setup clear with step-by-step guides and videos. If you ever need help with anything, you can talk to a real human at 844-WINK-APP or

Wink is free to download and doesn’t charge any fees for use.

Many products work directly with the Wink app. Other products use the Wink HUB to get connected. The Wink HUB allows your diverse collection of smart products to speak the same wireless language so you can control them --and customize their interactions-- from the Wink app.

SHORTCUTS: In-app Shortcuts allow you to control multiple smart products with a single swipe. Like turning on your house in the morning to setting the mood for moving night.

ROBOTS: In-app Robots let you customize the way products talk to each other. You can have your smoke detector turn your lights on automatically if smoke is detected so you can see to safely get out.

ACTIVITY: Wink gives you the power to know exactly what’s going on in your home. Easily keep tabs when the door was opened or when the temperature was adjusted.




Googleは今、適切なタイミングで情報を提供していますインテリジェント·パーソナル·アシスタントです。 Googleとウィンクはあなたが家ではなく、あなたのドアのロックが解除されている検出された場合、アラートが自動的ウィンクアプリを介してアクションを取ることを求めるプロンプトが表示されます。

トリガーウィンクショートカットは言って「了解Googleは、ウィンクの[ショートカット]を有効にします。」あなたは、8つのプリセットフレーズから選択して、複数のスマート製品は、単純な音声プロンプトで同時に制御することができるようにウィンクアプリ内の各ショートカットをカスタマイズすることができます。たとえば、 "、[OK]をGoogleにウィンクで退席中モードを活性化させる」と言って、今、ドアをロックするサーモスタットを下げて、ライトをオフにすることができます。



多くの製品はウィンクアプリを直接操作します。その他の製品は、接続されて得るためにウィンクHUBを使用しています。ウィンクHUBは、あなたがそれらを制御 - そしてウィンクアプリから自分のinteractions--をカスタマイズすることができるように、スマート製品のご多様なコレクションは、同じ無線言語を話すことができます。