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Wear Remote Beta

Wear Remote Beta

Mark Schramm

Reviews: 37 | Score: 2 | Price: Free

Wear Remote transforms your Android Wear watch into a remote for your computer!

Use your watch to control slideshows, music player, etc..

---=== IMPORTANT ===---

Make sure you have the phone app and desktop client running. The phone app works as a bridge to your computer and has to be running.

Get the Desktop Client here:

---=== IMPORTANT ===---

---=== BETA RELEASE ===---

Wear Remote currently maps the gestures from your watch to the left, right, up and down arrow keys on your keyboard. Future releases of the desktop client will make it possible to set up own keys.

---===BETA RELEASE===---

Wear Remote consists of 3 parts:

- "Gesture Remote" provides a swiping area and buttons. It will be automatically installed on your watch.

- "Wear Remote" is the phone app that sends the gestures from the watch to your computer

- "Wear Remote Listener" runs on your computer. It translates the gestures from your watch into keystrokes.

Wear Remote currently supports 9 gestures:

- Swiping in 4 directions, mapped to arrow keys

- 4 Directional Buttons, mapped to arrow keys

- Double Tapping, mapped to the "Enter"-key