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Wear Music

Wear Music


Reviews: 212 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

It is compatible with Android Wear.

Wear Music

Maybe Hear the music of the day that most of do with smartphones.

This app support more easily control your music with Wear.

With 'play', 'stop', 'pause', 'next track', 'prev track' control music and

'Volume up', 'Volume down'

Select the app you are running 'Start' - 'Wear Music' in Wear.

(Or Wear music start voice command)

This application feature is

- control Music Play, Stop, Pause, Next, Previous To Any Music player!

- control Volume up&down

And all free!

Version new 2.0.0 updated,

Support Lollipop(Above 5.0) :0

(But first-time you do allow notification-listener, because control music player!)

Happy music!