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Wear Music Controller

Wear Music Controller

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Reviews: 820 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

Control your favourite mobile music player from your watch.

Provides more features and a smarter user-interface than the stock controller, and is compatible with more music players. It also features a brand-new music watch face.

This app works for a TRIAL period of 4 days, after which you must PURCHASE the LICENSE from within the mobile app.

A watch app, and supporting watch notifications enable you to perform these functions: Play/Pause, Previous, Next, Volume-Up, Volume-Down. The experimental Play... function allows you to play in any supported App, or start a Playlist.

There is also a choice of user interfaces: Sparse for use when running and walking; Compact for use otherwise. There is also a Voice Command option for use when driving or cycling, allowing you to speak commands to skip track, start a playlist, or decrease volume etc. For example, just say "OK Google; Start Music Controller", and then "Turn it up". The full-screen notification can be changed to a card from the phone settings.



2) Play music!

The watch app can be started manually, or by voice: "Ok Google, Start Music Controller" (note: using voice commands will stop your music temporarily!).

Song title and artist information is shown, where available. Album artwork is shown where available for users of KitKat and above, JB users only for music stored on mobile. Track progress information, plus other extended information such as BPM is shown where available.

This has been confirmed to work on Android stock music player, Google Music Player, Rocket Player, PlayerPro, SoundCloud (sometimes - best to use My Cloud Player), MediaMonkey, doubleTwist, Spotify, Music Unlimited, jetAudio, Audible, ChromaDoze, Shuttle, PowerAmp (album art only when phone screen is on), VLC, BBC iPlayer Radio, Sonos Controller, Podcast Republic, Podcast & Radio Addict, Pocket Casts. Other music players, audio-book players, white-noise generators etc may or may NOT work, so please check before purchasing the license. Some music players have their own notifications, which will show up alongside ones from this app (some can be muted from the Android Wear App). Sometimes a different media player may start up when playing from the watch if you have multiple players installed.

The stock Android Wear Music Card may show up as well, and CANNOT be dismissed/hidden. This is a limitation of Android Wear, not this app. This app attempts to place its card above the standard one for convenience, also by making the notification on-going/persistent. You can close the notification using the Close action button. DON'T use Block App - this will hide this app's notification indefinitely (until you enable again in Android Wear App).

This also works with Yatse XBMC remote control, so therefore may work with other remote control apps like Chromecast etc.

Advanced settings are available to tweak functionality to support more devices and apps. Tasker / Locale is also supported for actions such as starting the watch app or notification, or Play..., useful for when Bluetooth headphones/speakers are connected for example.

Square and round watches are both supported. Only Android Wear watches are supported. This app will NOT play music that is stored on your watch. Limited/no compatibility with Napster or Rhapsody.

Want to beta-test up-coming features? Please join the Google Plus group at

If you have any feedback, or problems with this app, please click on Give Feedback in the app, or contact us at . This makes it easier for us to act on your feedback than if you leave a negative review. Alternatively, please see the FAQs at











这已被证实在Android股票的音乐播放器工作,谷歌音乐播放器,火箭球员,PlayerPro,的SoundCloud(有时 - 最好用我的云播放器),MediaMonkey,DoubleTwist的,Spotify的,音乐无限,软件JetAudio,声音,ChromaDoze,班车,后级(专辑封面,只有当手机屏幕开启时),VLC,BBC的iPlayer收音机,Sonos的控制器,播客共和国,播客和广播冰火,掌上转换。其他音乐播放器,音频书籍阅读器,白噪声发生器等可能会或可能无法正常工作,所以请购买许可证前检查。一些音乐播放器都有自己的通知,这将显示与来自这个程序的人(有些可以从Android Wear应用静音)。有时,从手表打球的时候,如果你安装了多个玩家不同的媒体播放器可能会启动。

该股Android Wear音乐卡可能显示为好,不能被解雇/隐藏。这是Android Wear的限制,没有这个程序。这个应用程序试图将其卡上面标一为了方便,也通过持续/持续的通知。您可以使用关闭操作按钮关闭通知。不要全部应用程序 - 这将无限期地隐藏该应用的通知(直到你在Android Wear应用程序重新启用)。

这也适用于Yatse XBMC遥控器,所以因此可能会与其他遥控器的应用程序Chromecast等工作等。


方形和圆形的手表都支持。只有Android Wear手表的支持。这个应用程序将无法播放存储在您的乐视网。与Napster的或有限的狂想曲/不兼容。