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Wear Hotspot

Wear Hotspot

Rabid App Design

Reviews: 229 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

**** The Wear Hotspot companion app on your mobile device must be started once before you try and use the hotspot trigger from your Android Wear device!! ****

The most accurate way to open the app is, "Ok Google, Open Wear Hotspot."

With Wear Hotspot’s simplistic button-like design, you can change your phone’s hotspot status on and off without having to pull out your phone. #BOOM!

To use, simply download and open the Wear Hotspot application on your Android Wear device and select the blue WiFi Button. Annnnnddddddddd Done. How convenient is that?

We will be implementing more easy-to-use features for the Wear Hotspot soon!

We want you to enjoy the app as much as we do, so please let us know how the Wear Hotspot is working on your mobile devices and carriers!

Having some probs with your Wear Hotspot app? Just let us know and we will fix it - we aim to please.

*This app does not make tether work if you do not have a subscription through your carrier.

If the "Open Wear Hotspot" command is not working well, open the app on your Android Wear device and try again. The voice activation on Android Wear devices use's Google's voice engine. It -should- learn what you're looking for in time but you can assist this by searching for "Wear Hotspot" using Google Now or Google Search and manually activating Wear Hotspot on your device.