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Wear Counter

Wear Counter

Luigi Notaro

Reviews: 126 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

Wear Counter is a simple, digital tally counter for your Android Wear device. Now with



You can launch Wear Counter from the smartwatch


menu or you can just say

"Ok Google, Start Counter"

to get to it without a single tap!

Touch the screen to count, subtract a unit or reset the counter. Dismiss the app with a swipe to the right and continue to count directly fom your notification stream with the new Counter Card.

And with


you can just

twist your wrist to count

: no taps required and you get one hand free!

Twist to count

1. Long press on the central button to turn twist-to-count ON;

2. Twist your wrist and put it back straight to add a unit! You can twist the wrist left or right and you'll feel a short vibration to confirm you just added a unit. Remember, you can still count with a tap!

- Long press again to turn twist-to-count OFF at any moment.


✓ Tap to add a unit

✓ Restart the counter

✓ Subtract one unit from the total

✓ Twist to count: use your tally counter without a single tap!

✓ Counter Card from your notification stream: tap the card to add a unit, swipe it on the left to reveal more actions: subtract a unit, reset the counter, open the fullscreen app

✓ Five languages supported: English, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese

✓ Launch the app with the

"Start Counter"


✓ Material Design inspired style

✓ Support for square and circular devices

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✓ Android Police

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Control vibration

: to make your smartwatch vibrate when you tap or twist to count

Prevent phone from sleeping

: to prevent your smartwatch screen to dim while counting in twist-to-count mode