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Wear App Launcher

Wear App Launcher


Reviews: 108 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

A stylish and customizable application launcher for Android Wear.

The Wear App Launcher lets you browse and launch your Android Wear apps by simply swiping the left edge of your screen to bring up the launcher, showing you all the applications currently installed on your Android Wear device.


To start using it on your watch the very first time, open "Wear App Launcher" manually from your regular application list on your watch, this opens up the launcher and also registers the left side swipe-area for future launches.


- Optimized for round displays

- Optimized for square/rectangular displays

- Choose how your applications are presented (2 or 3 columns)

- Change the order and visibility of your apps in the launcher

- Open the Wear App Launcher by simply swiping from the left edge of your screen*

- Low memory/battery usage, the Wear App Launcher is only started when you swipe to activate it.

- Customize the swipe-area size

- Switch between multiple running apps

After installing the Wear App Launcher, please run it on your phone for a quick introduction to getting the most out of your new Android Wear application launcher.

On your watch, you only have to start "Wear App Launcher" manually the very first time after installing or upgrading it, after running it the first time, the left side swipe-area will always remain active, even when you restart your watch (about 30 sec. after boot).

Enjoy your new Android Wear Launcher.