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Wear - Device Settings

Wear - Device Settings

Augmented Technologies Ltd

Reviews: 4 | Score: 2 | Price: Free

View important phone/ tablet states such as WiFi, Mute, Location, Mobile data etc and toggle them on and off from your wearable.

The display of each state and general options can be managed through the companion device app.

Additional options include;

- Notify when device/ wearable is disconnected

- "Ring my phone" (Great for escaping from a meeting to take an 'urgent call')

Note: Due to Android security settings the following states can only be changed on your device, although the correct settings page can be opened by tapping the option on the wearable;

- Airplane mode


- Roaming

- Location

Icon legend;

Green = On, Red = Off, Blue = App option

Circle = Can toggle setting

Square = Open (settings page) on Device.

Please feel free to comment / email suggestions for additional options you would like.