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Ultimate To-Do List

Ultimate To-Do List

Custom Solutions

Reviews: 1370 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

This is no ordinary to-do list app.

Ultimate To-Do List gives you unique tools to help you organize, simplify, and get things done. Try it free for 2 weeks, then purchase unlimited use for $5 (US).

Simple, but powerful.

Whether you need a basic to-do list, need to manage complex projects, or fall somewhere in-between, the app can be set up to meet your exact needs. Turn on the features you need. Turn off those you don't.

Organize your to-do list any way you like.

You - not the app - decide what's most important. Use a task management system such as Getting Things Done (GTD) or Master Your Now (MYN), or set up your own system.

Stop forgetting things.

Highly customizable lists and reminders ensure you won't miss anything important. If you want, the app can even nag you repeatedly until you get the task done. Reminders can be based on time or location.

Record and review your tasks



Use the app's voice mode to create, update, and read tasks while you're in the car, wearing gloves, or changing a diaper. Integration with our Ultimate Driving Mode app allows you to create and review tasks while driving.

Keep track of important information that is not a to-do item.

The app's notes area lets you record reference information that you know you will need later on.

Make the most of your large-screen device.

Several split-screen options are available to handle larger smartphones, 12 inch tablets, and all sizes in-between.

Stay in Sync.

Link the app to a Google or account and your devices will be perfectly in sync. Sync can occur automatically.

Works with Android Wear.

An Android Wear add-on is available that allows you to browse and check-off tasks, snooze reminders, and create and update tasks by voice.

Organize your tasks in numerous ways.

Folders, subtasks, 5 priority levels, manual sorting, and status tracking are all available to help you stay organized.

Contexts and Locations

allow you to focus only on the tasks you can do right now. For example, while you’re at work you will only see work tasks. When you get home later in the day, only the home tasks appear.

Sharing and Collaboration

features allow you to assign tasks to others and track status. Use Toodledo’s collaboration features or use the app’s ability to link to multiple accounts.

Advanced repeating patterns

make it easy to set up tasks that are performed daily, weekly, monthly, or with more complex patterns.

Time tracking

allows you to track both the estimated and actual length of your tasks. A built-in timer is included.

Advanced filter, sort, and display

options allow you to filter your tasks on any field, sort by up to 3 levels, and adjust the display to show exactly what you want.

Saved searches and custom views

make it easy to keep track of multiple lists - each with its own filter, sort, and display settings.

Calendar integration

allows you to view your tasks on your device’s calendar, allowing you to see both calendar events and to-do items on one screen.

A plugin for the Tasker automation app

allows you to automate some common tasks. For example, after missing a call a to-do item could be created to call the person back. The plugin supports automated task creation, marking of tasks complete, and display of lists. It also provides a Tasker event which will be triggered when a to-do item is marked as complete. This event will trigger a set of actions that you specify.

Contacts integration

gives you to the ability to link your tasks to a contact. This is great when a to-do item involves calling, emailing, or meeting with someone.