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Time Tracker - Android Wear

Time Tracker - Android Wear

JonG Mobile Apps

Reviews: 8 | Score: 3 | Price: €1.00

50% Discount to celebrate release of V1.2!

Time Tracker does the work for you so you can focus on the important things in life!

Do you hate losing track of time and having to constantly check your smartphone or watch?

Do you need an app that will track time for you?

Time Tracker will keep you aware of time without being intrusive or needing interactions to give you the time. With all the customization and features you need, you'll be right on time, every time!


- Default feature counts the hours by vibrating/sounding off the time. Example:

--- Vibrate 4 times for 16:00

--- Vibrate 11 times for 23:00

--- Vibrate once, on the quarter hour

--- Vibrate twice, on the half hour

- Fully customizable intervals.

--- Fine tune up to 3 custom intervals just the way you like them.

--- Pick a custom sound for each interval from your own notification sounds. Or use the provided sounds.

--- Make your Android smartphone or Android Wear smartwatch vibrate

- Set quiet hours to make sure Time Tracker only works when you want it to

- Doesn't drain your battery.

- Starts back up after rebooting or updating your smartphone.

No bunnies were harmed before, during or after the development of this app.

Please feel free to suggest features or report any bugs so they can be addressed as quickly as possible!