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Snapkeys Smartphone Keyboard

Snapkeys Smartphone Keyboard


Reviews: 44 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

The Snapkeys Smartphone Keyboard is designed for Android Smartphones. The unique QWERTY keyboard layout, combined with a state-of-the-art predictive technology enables users to type extremely fast and very comfortably on a smartphone.

Reads your mind! Type sloppily with the Snapkeys Keyboard, and get your words.

The most intelligent, and the fastest keyboard, across devices with any screen size: From the smallest (smartwatch) to the midst (smartphone) and the largest (tablet). See what the press says:

"the most intelligent keyboard" - The Daily Mail

"smoking fast and accurate" - The Discovery Channel

"...blazes like you wouldn't believe" - Gizmodo

"You might want to sit down for this" - The Verge

"Furiously peck out messages and emails on your smartwatch" - CNET

Just type, and Snapkeys' predictive algorithms will take care of the rest

Amazing swipe technology - Mix short swipes and taps

Extremely fast typing

Intelligently learns your way of typing!

Powerful next word prediction

Go wild with emojis

Comfortable typing experience

Choose from 1000s of different colors for your background & font on the fly

Delete words quickly with a swipe

Learn more about the different features-

Smartphone keyboard -

Users can even take it one step further, and type only on the left and right side of the keyboard, regardless of typing near your letter, and Snapkeys' powerful predictive technology will know what you to type.

Use quick gestures for shortcuts to enter special characters, and functions.

Type on the " BNM ' " key for apostrophe. Apostrophe is part of the prediction. Type it: No more IN instead of I’M or vise versa.

Languages Available -


Many more on the way...

SnapKeys has always been avant-gardist in breakthrough keyboard technologies. We are the first in bringing some of the most innovative features to typing, such as-

Very sloppy typing that works

Invisible keyboard that works

Dressing up your keyboard in colors

Resizing the keyboard

Small split keyboard with sloppy typing that works

Small movable keyboard

Entering special characters by gesture

Deleting a word by gesture

Making space and backspace by gestures

And many more

How to enable the Snapkeys Keyboard?

- Open Snapkeys app.

- Press Enable Snapkeys, then check the Snapkeys box on the Languages & Settings page to enable it.

- Press Switch to Snapkeys, then check the Snapkeys box to switch your current keyboard to Snapkeys.

- Now you could enjoy typing with the Snapkeys Keyboard!

Note: The warning message “Snapkeys may be able to collect all the text you type, including personal data like passwords and credit card numbers" is a standard Android message when you install any third party keyboard.

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Enjoy typing with the best keyboard for your smartphone!