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Snapdeal: Online Shopping App

Snapdeal: Online Shopping App

Reviews: 1231079 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

Snapdeal is your personal gateway to first-class online shopping for clothing, fashion, electronics, home & kitchen essentials, gadgets, mobile recharge, booking cabs, ordering food and more.

Discover the latest offers on women’s and men’s clothing, mobile phones, electronics and over 65 million other items. Snapdeal is India’s largest marketplace, giving you access to not just what you need, but to all that you desire. Deals and offers get you the best price on the items you’ve been dreaming of.

Upgrade your life with Snapdeal!

==Snapdeal Online Shopping Features==

Online Shopping with the Latest Brands

• Shop for the latest brands like Vero Moda, Hidesign, Acer and Samsung in India’s largest online marketplace

• Shopping recommendations let you personalize the app fit your tastes

• Online shopping for clothes, electronics, books, gadgets and daily essentials

• Clothing, home design and other necessities are all available in one convenient online shopping app

Fashion to Fit Your Lifestyle

• Men’s clothing – Discover clothes, shoes, ties, belts and more

• Women’s clothing – Shop for tops, jeans, shoes, dresses and more

• Clothing from the world’s top brands is just a tap away

Electronics and Gadgets

• Buy the latest mobile phones, televisions, projectors and more

• Phone cases, chargers, headphones and everything else you need on the go

Sales and Deals – Get the Best Price on Your Dream Item

• Snapdeal always offers the best price and gets you exclusive access to great deals

• Daily deals give you even more ways to save while shopping

• Sales notifications give you instant access to offers, discounts and deals

Discover and Search

• Search for new offers with a catalog of over 35 million products

• View product images, item details and price specifications

• Search for the best price by reading customer reviews and ratings

Delivery Updates and Advanced Security for Every Order

• Delivery offers free shipping to more than 6000 cities in India

• Order safely, with a 100% payment protection guarantee via TrustPay

• Complete transactions via credit/debit, EMI, NetBanking, Cash-on-Delivery, or FreeCharge Cashback

• Order tracking is also available for added security

• 7-day easy returns

Recharge, Book Flights, Book Cabs and Other Convenient Features:

• Online recharge for your mobile device

• Pay mobile bills, electricity bills and more in less than 10 seconds

• Book a cab to your destination

• Book a flight for your next trip

• Book bus tickets

• Order food as you shop

• Get movie tickets

• Book personal and home services

Snapdeal unboxes a new world of possibilities, with fast, easy and secure online shopping. The boxes we send to our customers don't just contain orders - they contain the fuel that powers your aspirations. We love the anticipation and the delight that we see on our customer's faces when they receive a box from Snapdeal. That’s why our new red box inspires our all-new brand mark - a modern & stylised design that represents the joy of unboxing.

At Snapdeal we love competition, and in order to beat it we are constantly trying to bring the latest products under the sun to our online shopping app. Discover everything you need from fashion to flights, and pay for it all in one secure and easy mobile application.

So give Snapdeal a shot and let us know what you think at Our Help Centre feature is always there to answers all your queries.


Things to note:

We seek permission to access your:

Media Files, Camera & Photos to enable sharing of the product image. We’d love to hear your feedback with product selfies.

Contact Book: To enable you to pay someone else’s bill using the Freecharge widget. Mom, Dad, Spouse, GF, BF – keep them all happy.

SMS access to send you a one-time password.

Location: To provide location specific personalisation.

Microphone: To exchange old electronic products with brand new ones.

*The Snapdeal app is supported on Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) and above.


发现对女性和男性的服装,手机,电子产品和超过6500万其他项目的最新优惠。 Snapdeal是印度最大的市场,让您访问不只是你需要什么,但所有的,你的愿望。促销和优惠让你你一直梦寐以求的物品的最佳价格。


== Snapdeal网上购物功能==


•商店在印度最大的在线市场像VERO MODA,Hidesign,宏碁和三星的最新品牌





•男装 - 发现衣服,鞋子,领带,皮带等

•女装 - 店的上衣,牛仔裤,鞋子,衣服等等





销售及优惠 - 获取你的梦想项目的最优惠的价格










•订单安全,通过TrustPay 100%支付保证的保护













Snapdeal unboxes的可能性,一个新的世界,具有快速,方便,安全的网上购物。我们发送给客户的框不只包含订单 - 它们所包含的燃料提供动力的愿望。我们爱的期待和我们对客户的脸上看到,当他们收到来自Snapdeal一个盒子的喜悦。这就是为什么我们的新红框激励我们全新的品牌标志 - 一个现代和程式化的设计,代表拆箱的喜悦。







通讯录:为了使您能够支付使用FreeCharge的部件别人的法案。妈妈,爸爸,配偶,GF,BF - 让他们高兴。