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SmartTruckRoute Watch edition

SmartTruckRoute Watch edition


Reviews: 9 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

SmartTruckRoute Watch app Android Edition allow professional drivers to get additional instructions on their smart watches giving them extra warning about upcoming turns, destinations and weigh stations.

Watch is a comfortable way to get one more reminder on your hand when you are are busy and you missed navigation command coming from SmartTruckRoute app.

TeleType pioneered the GPS truck navigation industry in 2008, providing the first portable GPS navigation system for trucks. SmartTruckRoute application is available on all Android smartphones, and will soon be released for the iPhone and iPad devices.

SmartTruckRoute unlike many other navigation systems, this app was developed specifically for trucks, so it includes special features that a generic navigation devices wouldn't. Some of these features include truck specific routes and maps, and supports Hazmat restrictions by class, which help the driver avoid restricted tunnels and routes based on the truck’s cargo.