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Skype沟通无限。 通过即时消息、语音或视频通话打个招呼 - 无论对方在何种设备上使用Skype,均完全免费。

• 通过视频通话面对面交谈。

• 全新群组视频通话,成员可达25人。

• 与Skype上的任何人进行免费语音通话。 群组通话成员可达25人。

• 即时向好友发送消息,群组聊天成员可达300人。

• 以低费率拨打手机和座机(Skype至Skype通话始终免费)。

• 分享照片、视频消息、你的位置,在聊天中添加表情符和Moji。

• Skype可以在智能手机、平板电脑、PC和Mac上使用。 如今,与亲朋好友保持联系比以往更轻松 - 无论他们使用何种设备都是如此。

有疑问吗? 请访问Skype for Android常见问题解答页面,了解某些常见问题及其解答:。

* 可能需要支付运营商数据费。 建议您使用WiFi连接或无流量限制的数据套餐。

Skype Unlimited communication. Through instant messaging, voice or video call to say hello - whether they're using Skype on any device, all completely free.

• Chat face to face video calls.

• New group video calls, a member of up to 25 people.

• with anyone on Skype to make free voice calls. Group members call up to 25 people.

• send instant messages to friends, members of the group chat up to 300 people.

• In low rates to call landline and mobile phones (Skype-to-Skype calls are always free).

• Share photos, video messages, your location, add emoticons in the chat and Moji.

• Skype can be used on smart phones, tablets, PC and Mac. Today, keeping contact with friends and family easier than ever - no matter what device they're true.

Have a question? Visit the Skype for Android FAQ page to learn some of the common questions and their answers:

* May incur carrier data charges. We recommend that you use the WiFi connection or no flow restriction data packages.