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Showear: Android Wear Lock

Showear: Android Wear Lock

Nicola Barresi

Reviews: 364 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

Showear is the most configurable lock screen for Android Wear.

Using the app is simple:

1. Define an unlock sequence on your phone using the companion app;

2. Launch Showear on your watch.

Now your smartwatch will be accessible only after the insertion of the right sequence.

Showear options are as follows:

- Lock screen on swipe from outside the screen

- Unlock on standby

- Auto-lock on standby

- Vibration

- Hide lock screen on standby

- Reduce screen brightness when locked

- Always-on lock screen

- Transparent lock screen or configurable background color

- Configurable lock elements' color

- Show/hide swipe sequence on lock screen

Development is just begun and new functionalities will be added according to feedback, so feel free to write me at:







  - 从锁定屏幕以外的屏幕上轻扫

  - 解锁待机

  - 待机自动锁定

  - 振动

  - 待机隐藏锁屏

  - 当锁定时降低屏幕亮度

  - 必备的锁屏

  - 透明锁屏或可配置的背景颜色

  - 可配置的锁元素的颜色

  - 在锁屏显示/隐藏刷卡序列