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Screen Torch Tablet & Wear

Screen Torch Tablet & Wear


Reviews: 254 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

You can use your device as a simple torch with this light application.

It turns on the whole screen into white. Very usefull for phones or tablets without led flash camera.

Does your phone have led flash? Download 'Lux miniApp'

Why this app?

✔ Because it is simple and very effective.

✔ Because it has the minimum possible size, so you can use your free space to other apps.

✔ Because you can manage brightness.

✔ Because it doesn't need any kind of permission. No suspected permissions!

✔ Because it has a widget.

✔ Because it is compatible with Android Wear.

✔ Because if you have an idea to improve the app, we develop it!

✔ Because it has no ads!

✔ Because it's free!

Why not try it?

How to change brightness while it is on:

First: touch the screen. A seekbar will appear.

Second: move the seekbar and it would manage brightness.

This application remembers the brightness before execution to return it to its original state at the end of use.

Doesn't work on your device? Do you have some questions or suggestions?

Contact us!

The less size, the more performance!