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Install is a task, time and performance management software for companies, which formalizes the existing workflow, keeps documents and decisions organized, and priorities clear. increases your company's productivity by 25%, on average. Over 100,000 companies in 107 countries already use

We offer a 14-day trial for free. After that period, it is necessary to choose one of the premium plans to keep using the app. Check out pricing and join the fast lane at


TASK MANAGEMENT's app allows users to manage their tasks using the same features of web app: create tasks, work, pause, comment, attach files, create checklist, schedule tasks, workflow, include followers and edit all information.


By tracking their delivery tasks, timeliness and quality, helps measure your team's productivity. On "Teams" page you can see what each one is doing in real time, when they will be free to receive new tasks, the next tasks to be done and their RR-Rating (performance grade).


You can send messages to all users of your account on Bulletin, or just to people on your team. Furthermore, you can exchange general content with everybody.


For those who can't be online all time, there are some offline actions, like creating tasks, writing comments and posting messages on the Bulletin.