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Tran Hoang Nhat

Reviews: 6 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

This app only works with Android Wear devices.

This app is completely ads-free, the in-app purchase is for donation.

Have you ever thought about the ability to


number directly from your round smartwatches? As in, not tapping the number, but actually rotate the dial? Now you can do that with Rotary! Works with round and square smartwatches.

In addition to that, you can create

dial rules

to help you dial with ease. WIth with dial rules, you can tell the app when you dial a specific number, the app will:

★ Call a number you chose.

★ Open an app on the device

★ Run a Tasker task *.

(When you send number from your watch to your phone, your phone will first check that number with the dial rules. If there's a rule match the number, your phone will do want the rule defines. Otherwise, your phone will call that number.)


• To dial a number, first launch the Rotary app on your watch. After that, touch the number you want to dial and rotate clockwise to the handle. When you feel a vibration, release your hand.

• To delete the number you've dialed, flick your wrist.

• To send the number to your phone, tap the inner ring (or the number).

• To exit the app, long press and press the cross.


To create a new dial rule, launch the Rotary app on your phone, then tap the "+" button. After that, type the number the app will look up when you dial. (Note: Dial number must be unique). Then, select the type of action your phone will do. Finally, tap choose, and choose the action you want your phone do.

*Note about Tasker integration: This only works if you have Tasker on your phone. If you have Tasker on your phone, but still don't any tasks, open Tasker > Preferences > Misc, and check "Allow External Acess".

Tasker integration is available to donators only.