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Ring My Phone(Android Wear)

Ring My Phone(Android Wear)


Reviews: 228 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

Ring my phone (RingMyPhone from Android wear) could help you find you phone easily through Android wear( Android watch)

In any time, if you forget where you left your Android phone or Android pad in home, just one click in Android wear, your phone or your pad will ring loudly even it is in silent mode or screen locked until you find it.

Ring My Phone(RingMyPhone from Android wear) is a simple Android app that allows you to start your phone ringing using your Android watch. Phone on silent or locked? Do not worry. RingMyPhone will turn your volume to max, turn your screen on, and keep ringing until you tell it to stop.

Once you stop it, your ringer volume will be restored to what ever it was previously.


-Ring my phone from android watch if device is out of sight

-Stop the ring from either Android phone or Android watch

-Ring my phone even Android phone in silent mode

-Ring my phone even Android phone is screen locked

-Set back the original volume after Alert Ring finished

-Support Android Pad too

How to use:

(1) Pair your watch with your mobile device ( Android phone or Pad)

Ref Google Tutorial

(2) Go to your watch, Click screen or speak "OK Google"

(3) In "Speak Now " screen, scroll screen to the bottom and go to start menu of Android wear

(4) In start menu, Click Ringmyphone or its icon to launch our app

------ Step 1 to Step 4 is general steps for all apps running in Android wear

(5) Click the screen to ring your phone

(6) Click again to stop the ringing