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Reminder App With Alarm: To Do

Reminder App With Alarm: To Do

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MarkO, Reminder App with Alarm: to do

is now available in Google Play Store for free. It is a unique productivity app that will surely make your life easier with efficient time management as well as task priority management.

We get reminder support for completing all our daily tasks by deadline. In fact a gentle task reminder about some urgent pending work makes magic for streamlining the pending tasks todo. It may be about calling your doctor, buzzing your plumber, making payment to banker, or simply to call your sister wishing her happy anniversary! Gone are those days of maintaining an organizer for alarm reminder; now you can easily turn your mobile phone into a reminder widget simply by downloading the productivity app MarkO, with versatile reminder facilities.

How the app is unique

The most beautiful feature of MarkO is its unique adaptability and immaculate simplicity. Once you download this todo app on your mobile device, you will get its virtual assistance round-the-clock, round-the-year: MarkO, the reminder app with Alarm: to do will hark back you about your pending priority jobs in the most appropriate manner, on time, everywhere, so that you never miss anything.

The advantage of this todo app is peace of mind and smart task management. The reminder facility will offer enough time to concentrate you on your task in hand; you need not to worry about “what next”? Its daily reminder, voice reminder, note reminder, and hourly reminder features will help you in streamlining all your to-do tasks timely and without taking extra load in your memory. As a result, you can invest quality time in office as well as you can coordinate your minute household chore even with best accuracy and punctuality.

How the app works:

This aide memory app works in simple way but it offers unfailing productivity due to its algorithm and integrated features for conveying reminders in most comprehensive ways. The app it integrated with artificial intelligence and is capable of providing its users smart suggestions based on the perspective of the reminder and offers the best possible ways to set reminder. The main functionalities are multifaceted. With this app, you will facilitated for

• Setting a reminder: Setting a reminder is really stress-free,

• Editing a reminder: you can change/modify the reminder,

• Importing your contacts: You can free to import your vital contacts from your Phonebook/ Facebook account.

• Filtering contacts: You can filter your contacts on “Share Task” screen,

• Enjoying location awareness: MarkO, the utility app, is designed with unique algorithm that will remind contextually near the most appropriate location to complete the task. Even better this works perfectly regardless where you come from.

• Sharing features of the app: you can get to access your friends via the most popular interactive platforms like Facebook, Skype etc. and share with them unlimited number of reminders, regardless they are using MarkO or not.

• Location based reminder setting: Using MarkO you can categorize your task location wise. Your to do jobs at home and at office will never get jeopardized.

• Voice recognition facility: You can generate your reminders by voice mail. When you are busy with some other task, the audio support will be an added support for remembering your pending task.

Download the app MarkO, Reminder App with Alarm: to do and start using its all-rounder reminder facilities to stay away from all confusion. With the support of the versatile task reminder facility, you will never forget anything from your “to do” list.

If you like this to do list with reminder task app, don’t forget to support it by rating, reviews and sharing it with your friends and family. Send your suggestions to make MarkO smarter, your feedback is valuable to us.

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