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PocketDex -Pokedex for Android

PocketDex -Pokedex for Android


Reviews: 2399 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

A brand new generation of Pokédex is here !

PocketDex is a free and useful tool for Android to get better at your favorite Pokemon games.


• More than 800 Pokémon

• 81 Pokémon from generation 7

• 7 régions including Alola

• Mega evolutions

• 19 Alola forms

• Team builder and analyzer

• Android wear support

• and more !

New innovative card style User Interface

Get all information you need by simply swiping with your finger. Never miss critical data anymore ! Strengths, weaknesses, advanced statistics, short descriptions, abilities, learned moves ... everything is here ! And if you don't want to read let the app do it. Using the text to speech feature of your phone this app can talk to you, just like in the original series.

Team Builder with ShowDown support

Create your perfect team and generate reports. Is your team weak to fire ? or doesn't have enough physical damage ? Improve your team to be the best ! The only team builder that fully support importing and exporting teams to Pokemon Showdown

Effort Value (EV) and Individual Value (IV) Calculator

Tired of doing all the math ? Let this app do it for you. Find out which Pokemon is great for breeding and which one can become a great fighter.

Catch Rate Calculator

Don't waste your Poké Balls anymore ! Enter your opponent's health points and status and find out the probability to catch him !

Powerful search engine

You saw something interesting but you don't remember his name ? Enter the color, the type, the region and find quickly what you're looking for.

Size comparison

Exactly like in the game, see how big is your favorite Pokémon beside you. Enter your size and let PocketDex do the magic.

PocketDex is a free and unofficial tool which is only using free resources. No infringement intended.

Android 4.0.3+ and internet connection required to use 100% of the app but most features will work offline.

If you have ideas for this app feel free to share :)