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PDF Reader for Android Wear

PDF Reader for Android Wear

Marcel Dopita

Reviews: 586 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

How to start viewing PDF on Android Wear?

- Tap share from opened PDF file in Adobe Reader and select „PDF Reader“ (same red colored icon).

- Alternatively browse to your PDF file in any file manager on your phone and open it in „PDF Reader“.

Within a moment, it will be transferred to Wear. (But transferring files as large as 50 MB will take few minutes.)

- Long tap in the PDF Reader on Android Wear to access all transferred files

How to control PDF Reader on Android Wear?

- You can use touch, double tap, pinch and even double touch drag („one hand zoom“) to browse your content. To move between pages, use the dedicated controls at bottom of the screen. Page indicator can be touched to enable dictation (for skiping to specific page number).

- Additional options are available after a long press on a screen. There's an „invert“ (night) mode and a list of transferred files to open.

Please note that it's not really technically feasible to support reflow or search in this small and free app.

Support thread:

如何启动Android Wear上查看PDF?

- 从Adobe Reader和打开PDF文件,点击共享选择“PDF阅读器”(同一个红色图标)。

- 或者浏览到您的PDF文件在您的手机上的任何文件管理器,并在“PDF阅读器”打开它。

内的时刻,将被转移到磨损。 (但是,传输文件大到50 MB需要几分钟的时间。)

- 在Android Wear的PDF阅读器长按来访问所有传输的文件

如何控制Android Wear PDF阅读器?

- 您可以使用触控,双击,捏,甚至双触摸拖拽(“一方面变焦”)来浏览内容。在页面之间移动,使用专用的控制屏幕的底部。页指示灯可触及启用听写(用于skiping具体页码)。

- 附加选项长按屏幕后可用。有一个“翻转”(夜间)模式和传输的文件打开的列表。