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PC Quick Commands

PC Quick Commands

Suyash Srijan

Reviews: 173 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

PC Quick Commands is a simple app to send important commands to your PC. You can control your PC (or laptop) using this app! It's not a keyboard/mouse replacement, but a really straightforward and easy to use app to lock/ shutdown your PC or even run an app. It only requires a working network connection (unlike other apps that require Bluetooth or connection to the same WiFi network) so you can remotely control your PC from anywhere. It's beautifully designed, supports Android 4.0+ (2.3 support soon) and is completely free (NO ADS).

Featured on many sites like XDA and Virtuaniz:,

Commands supported as of now:

- Restart

- Shutdown

- Log off

- Suspend/Sleep

- Hibernate

- Run command (like, ping

- Run application command (like, chrome.exe)

- Custom command

Operating system support: Windows (XP/Vista/7/8/8.1)

More commands will be supported soon!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Requires client app to be installed on your PC/Laptop to function properly: You can download it from here:

In case you are having connectivity issues, please make sure you add the application to the Windows Firewall exception list

This is a BETA app so things are not guaranteed to function properly every time. I am working hard to add more commands and iron out the bugs.