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Offline Radio CLUB

Offline Radio CLUB

Offline Radio CLUB

Reviews: 378 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

Offline Radio CLUB is a self updating music application that plays hit music with the respect of radio logic and serves offline content on your device. You are able to listen hits on your device even when you don't have any internet connection. Offline Radio CLUB application will update itself daily and provide the highest quality broadcast.

The purpose of this application is to reach people who

- don't have enough time to create or update their song libraries

- don't want to miss new entries on hits list.

- are searching for an application which is working like a radio with high quality sound even when the device don't have any internet and/or cell connection.

- search an easy on/off application for all above.

Offline Radio CLUB takes serious your ratings about songs to decide its future broadcast, that's why don't hesitate to rate the hits.

Enjoy our broadcast!



- 没有足够的时间来创建或更新他们的歌曲库

- 不想错过命中名单新的条目。

- 正在寻找它正在像高品质的无线设备时没有任何互联网和/或细胞连接,甚至声音的应用程序。

- 搜索一个简单的ON / OFF应用上述所有。