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NextTransit Seattle

NextTransit Seattle

Kinetiqa Labs

Reviews: 37 | Score: 2 | Price: Free

Fast, intuitive, and smart offline transit app for the King County and Seattle region. Contains complete King County bus and Link light rail schedules including route and stop time info. NextTransit features instant access to stops saving you precious time looking it up online. NextTransit core features requires absolutely no data or WIFI to run!


☆ Quick search: Search stops by stop code or street name. Fetches the upcoming buses and their times under a second (literally!)

☆ Route search: Search buses by route number or destination. View a list of stops and select on any of them to view upcoming stop times.

☆ Maps: Quickly view all the bus stops on a map and find the one you're looking for. Click on the map icon under the routes view to view the route on a map.

☆ Reminders: Receive recurring notifications of what upcoming buses there are for a particular stop

☆ Flexibility: Navigate between weekday, Saturday, or Sunday/Holiday schedules or pick the time you want to leave a given stop by selecting on the clock icon after you've looked up a stop.

☆ Favorites: Store any stop or route for quick access by selecting the 'plus' icon near the bottom at any time.

☆ Nearby stops:Find nearby stops without using internet/data! NextTransit calculates the distance to and orientation you should point your phone to get to each stop!

Please note: Once unpacked, NextTransit will require approx. 45 MB of space on your phone memory. NextTransit may take up to a few minutes (depending on the device) on first launch to build the database on your phone.

Fine Print

This app is ad-supported. We are not affiliated with King County Metro. Coded with care on the UBC Vancouver campus.

快速,直观,智能公交离线应用程序的景郡和西雅图地区。包含完整的金县公共汽车和轻轨线路的时间表,包括路线和停止时间信息。 NextTransit功能即时访问停止节省您宝贵的时间寻找它的网上。 NextTransit核心功能要求绝对没有数据或WIFI的运行!








☆邻近车站:寻找不使用互联网/数据附近站! NextTransit计算的距离和方向应该指向你的手机来通过每个停下来!

请注意:打开包装后,NextTransit将需要约。 45 MB的空间在您的手机内存。 NextTransit最多可能需要几分钟(取决于设备)上首次推出到您的手机上构建数据库。