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Never Lose Your Phone

Never Lose Your Phone

Wear Tech

Reviews: 5 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

A Wearable Smart Watch App that prevents you from losing your Smartphone. If your phone and watch reach a certain distance apart (approx 10m/32ft), your Smart Watch vibrates and notifies you that you forgot your phone.

According to Consumer Report's annual State of the Net survey, 4.5 million phones were lost or stolen last year. Don't be part of those stats this year. Have you ever forgot your phone at home, or at the cinema, plane, restaurant..etc? Well no more, this free Smart Watch App now gives you the peace of mind you will never lose or forget your phone anywhere.

Note: Alternatively, you can choose to protect your tablet instead of your phone as well. Just ensure it is Android v4.4 or greater. This way you will never lose your tablet.

Turn protection ON or OFF anytime from your phone/tablet or watch.