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Mtalk: landline in your pocket

Mtalk: landline in your pocket


Reviews: 5759 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

With Mtalk you can add a phone number that follows you also abroad.

Call at low rates worldwide, great audio quality.

Unlimited free talk & text other Mtalk users. Create a personal web page to let your contacts call and text you for free.

ADD A DOMESTIC OR INTERNATIONAL NUMBER TO YOUR SMARTPHONE: With Mtalk, you can add telephone numbers to your smartphone from any of 18 countries. Say goodbye to cellular roaming charges when abroad or simply enjoy the added flexibility of having more than one number on your device for personal or business use.

USE MTALK TO REACH OUT TO ANYONE WORLDWIDE AT VERY LOW RATES: save on calls to traditional phone numbers with no compromise on audio quality, even in 3G. When calling international, enjoy rates usually much cheaper compared to cellular rates. When you are abroad, you may call your home country using Wi-Fi and save a lot vs. major mobile carriers. Our rates at

UNLIMITED TALK AND TEXT WITH OTHER USERS: Registered Mtalk users can text and talk with each other for free with HD audio.

A PERSONAL WEB PAGE FOR FREE CALLS AND MESSAGES FROM THE PEOPLE YOU CHOOSE: create with the app a personal web page that makes it easy for your contacts to call you or text you at no cost (e.g., Great for personal or business use, the page address can be included in your email signature, on your social network pages, or on your company’s website. Let the world contact you instantly, for free, just by clicking on your web address. If callers are using a computer to contact you, they DON’T NEED TO REGISTER OR DOWNLOAD ANY SOFTWARE. Callers using most smartphones also don’t need to register, but will need this simple app to access the service. Whether you’re using it for personal or commercial purposes, Mtalk lets you customize your web page with your own picture and wallpaper. You get your own web page for zero cost… and all the calls or messages you receive through it are free.


FREE VOICEMAIL: When you miss a call, Mtalk will deliver a voice message to your mailbox. Just click and listen.

WORKS WHEN OTHER SERVICES DON'T: Mtalk is able to bypass the VoIP blocking efforts made by mobile service providers in some countries by making use of proprietary technologies.

RECEIVE CALLS ON REGULAR PHONES: Because Mtalk’s service relies on open standards, users can also choose to forward calls to any standard SIP, softphone or PBX equipment – an option that is perfect for businesses.

BLUETOOTH AND EARPHONES: Mtalk supports most Bluetooth and wired earphones.

ANDROID INTEGRATION: app integration with native telephony and messaging. Take into account user prefs for ringtones, messages notifications, vibrate. Take advantage of device audio processing features, if available, to reduce battery usage and increase efficiency.

TALKBACK: Mtalk supports talkback for the visually impaired

WE VALUE YOUR PRIVACY: Any transmission of your contact lists is fully encrypted, and the information is used only to identify the friends you can call for free. Data will never be provided to any third party. All Mtalk users are protected by European data protection regulations.

Please, note: network data charges may apply.

App validation via SMS is available only with mobile numbers belonging to one of the countries where the app is distributed. App validation via email is available everywhere.