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Morphing Watch Face

Morphing Watch Face


Reviews: 621 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

Morphing Watch Face for Android Wear!

!! NOT FOR SAMSUNG GEAR S2 !! (running Tizen OS)

You can find the GEAR S2 version in the Samsung Galaxy Apps Store (search "THEMA")

Available in english, french & spanish!

Features of Morphing Watch Face :

- Morphing animations in interactive mode

- Choose design colors

- Day & Month

- Watch battery

- Mobile battery

- Weather

- Daily step count

- Heartbeat frequency

- Unread SMS

- Unread Email from Gmail

- Missed calls

- Presets

## Interactivity of watch face:

- Added an option to activate/deactivate the dials interactivity in the settings screen

- By tapping a dial, you can now change its displayed data among the 8 data available.

- By tapping a dial, you can now access to a detailed data screen for all data available.

- Added "shortcuts" dials (translate, maps, timer, etc...)

## Settings

The whole SETTINGS of the watch face are located in the "Android wear" app of your mobile.

Just hit the gear icon over the watch face preview and the settings screen will show up!

- Choose design colors on watch & mobile

- Change the indicator to display on the 3 positions

- Choose between up to 7 indicators

- Switch between éco / simple b&w / full ambient mode

- Enable animation in interactive mode

- Define heartbeat frequency refresh rate

- Define weather refresh rate

- Weather unit

- Leading zero on hours

- 12 / 24 hours mode

- Define interactive mode duration

- Define card size

- Choose between european/us date

- Choose between 2 weather providers (Yr & OpenWeatherMap)

- Display the outer ring representing the seconds hand

- Secondary timezone

- Choose to hide battery indicator in eco ambiant mode

- Presets manager!! You can now:

+ Save your preset with all its options (colors, backgrounds, data, features. EVERYTHING is saved!)

+ Load / delete one of your previously saved preset

+ Share / Import presets

## Installation

This watch face will be installed automatically from your phone paired.

If it doesn't show up please go to the Android Wear App > Settings and Resync all apps.

Once installed, you can select the Morphing Watch Face from the Android Wear App.

Or long tap on the current watch face screen: watch face selector screen will open.

** If you have any issues or questions, fill free to contact me by email (English or French language) before giving a bad rating. Thanks!

/!\ Your watch should be up to date, with Lolipop (Android 5.0) /!\






变形观察面为Android Wear!

! NOT FOR SAMSUNG轮S2! (运行Tizen OS)




- 在交互模式变形动画

- 选择颜色设计

- 日与月

- 手表电池

- 手机电池

- 天气

- 每日步数

- 心跳频率

- 未读短信

- 从Gmail中未读电子邮件

- 未接来电

- 预置


- 增加了一个选项,以激活/停用表盘交互在设置画面

- 通过利用拨号,现在可以改变现有的8个数据中其显示的数据。

- 通过利用拨号,您现在可以访问详细数据屏幕可用的所有数据。

- 增加了“快捷方式”拨(翻译,地图,定时器等...)




- 在选择手表及手机设计的颜色

- 更改指标显示在3个位置

- 多达7个指标之间进行选择

- ECO /简单的B&W /全环境模式之间切换

- 启用交互模式动画

- 定义心跳频率刷新率

- 定义天气刷新率

- 天气单元

- 对领导小时零

- 12月24日个小时模式

- 定义交互模式的持续时间

- 定义卡片尺寸

- 欧洲/美国的日期之间的选择

- 2天气提供商(YR&OpenWeatherMap)之间进行选择

- 显示代表秒针外圈

- 中学时区

- 选择隐藏生态ambiant模式电池指示器

- 预设管理器!现在,您可以:






如果它不显示请到Android Wear应用>设置,然后重新同步所有的应用程序。

一旦安装,您可以从Android Wear应用选择变形观察面。



/!\你的手表应该是最新的,与棒棒糖(是Android 5.0)/!\




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