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Listen to texts&calls. 2To

Listen to texts&calls. 2To

AstroSoft Development

Reviews: 5 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

The 2Touch application is intended for those who want to quickly (just in two touches) listen to missed calls and unread messages. It so easy and user-friendly that even a person who knows nothing about smartphones can use it. If you do not want to get distracted, when you are busy, or driving, or absorbed in a game, or taking care of a child, or an inexperienced telephone user, or just unwilling to read, and you’d rather have missed calls and messages read, then 2Touch is just what you need.

To run 2Touch (irrespective in which mode your smartphone is working at the moment), cover the upper part of your screen for a few seconds. You will see graphical information on missed calls and unread messages in large font in bright orange boxes. By touching call icon or text icon, you can start reading missed calls and unread messages aloud. Playback controls are provided as large icons. While listening to missed calls or messages, you can listen to missed calls one by one, skip forward, or just stop reading them aloud. You can manage 2Touch with touchscreen gestures, which you can set in the application menu. You can tap, double tap, as well as swipe up and down.


The gestures only work on an unlocked screen.

When listening to missed calls, you are given information on the caller’s telephone number (or the caller’s name if it is recorded in your address book) and time of call. When listening to a text, you hear the caller’s telephone number or name, time and date of the message, and the body of the text itself. While having your list of missed calls or texts read aloud, you can make a call by touching the phone receiver icon in the player. Speakerphone is automatically turned on.

As an added bonus, you can use the 2Touch app on Android Wear watches! You can have the list of missed calls and unread texts read off to you, and your watch lets you call sender (via the speakerphone) without touching your smartphone. You get to personalize how your watch works with the app in the settings. You are able to choose gestures (taps) or a special interface for you watch. The gesture settings are in the application menu. Gestures are light taps with one finger. You can assign commands to the different number of taps and the intervals between them.

Your missed calls and unread texts are read over the speakers of your smartphone.


The application is run under Android 4.4 and higher. The limitation for Android 4.4 version –2Touch phone application is that it can be run only if screen lock is disabled; there are no limitations for the watch application run under Android 4.4.

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