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JustWatch for Wear

JustWatch for Wear

Gazala Brothers

Reviews: 3 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

Use android wear in Just A Watch mode. Enjoy your favorite watch face Always-on display, without getting interrupted by notifications that sent by your mobile device.

JustWatch for Wear enables you:

*To disable "Ok Google" listening

*To disable mistakable touches on the screen

*To stay in AlwaysOn mode instead of ambient mode when you don't want any interruptions

*To see the lovely watch face of your watch always, so everybody can see it

*Battery efficient – Watch's Wi-Fi/Bluetooth are set to off and display brightness set to low automatically

*Block all notifications generated by your mobile device (companion smartphone)

*Get a pure experience of a "just a watch"

*Show off to your friends

When/Where can you use JustWatch for Wear?

*On a meeting

*On a trip

*On a free-day

*At the movies

*At class-time

*There are numerous cases you use Just watch for wear

**** Remember - To Exit JustWatch Mode swipe up then down ****

**** Permissions for WiFi and Bluetooth are for battery efficient and disabling notifications from your companion smartphone ****