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InstantRecall Contact Notes

InstantRecall Contact Notes

Reviews: 61 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

InstantRecall is a free note-taking app that lets you "Remember Everything about People". Instant Recall will change the way you interact with people.

We complement your existing contact manager or CRM solution by replicating your smartphone's contacts. Then you can easily add unlimited notes to each contact by using your voice or typing. Tag the contact notes for easy sorting. Add notes about a contact's hobbies, interests, education, achievements, and more. Display your notes on your smartphone or smartwatch.

Our note taking app makes it easy to remember and instantly recall these notes whenever needed. Never again will you forget the name of a client's spouse or a friend's favorite sports team. It's like having a perfect memory with instant recall!

Free Features:

-Quickly add and recall personal information about your contacts using the Notes editor

-Create a Profile screen that provides a summary of your contact’s key personal information

-Tag your contact notes for easy sorting and retrieval

-Automatically replicates contacts from your phone's contact manager

-Displays all your contacts, or sort by recent contacts, starred, or groups

-”Dialer feature”: call, text, or email your contact by pressing and holding on a contact’s photo

-Display notes about a contact - while you are talking on the phone

-Reminds you of key events such as birthdays and anniversaries, or a specific note

-Copy information directly into InstantRecall notes from virtually any application

-Backup and Restore capability

-Use Voice Mode (beta) to add and recall notes using your voice:

*Launch InstantRecall just by speaking “OK Google, start Voice Mode on InstantRecall”

*Easily add notes by speaking to your smartphone or smartwatch using a simple command (“Add a note to Jayesh Shah”).

*Easily display notes on your smartphone or smartwatch using simple commands such as “Jayesh Shah notes”, “Jayesh Shah notes tagged interests”, or “Jayesh Shah’s spouse”.

Premium Features:

- Unlimited notes

- Create custom fields for the Profile screen

Why use this contact notes app?

Do you find it challenging to remember important personal details of friends and colleagues? Do you wish you had a perfect memory? Our mission is to help you build stronger relationships by "Remembering Everything about People".

*** Check out for useful tips and tutorials ***

Key New V3.0 Features

Voice Mode and Custom Voice Actions:

-Say “OK Google, start Voice Mode on InstantRecall" to launch InstantRecall. Then use Voice Mode to add or retrieve information.

-Say “help” and Voice Mode will respond with a list of voice commands.


-Press and hold on a Contact’s photo anywhere in the application, and a pop-up menu is displayed that allows you to call, text, or email your contact.

-A notification is triggered when you receive a call from one of your contacts, . Clicking on the notification displays your contact’s notes - while you are talking.

Daily Reminders:

-Be reminded of key events such as birthdays and anniversaries, and add a reminder alarm to a specific note.

Improved User Experience:

-Consistent actions when tapping or tapping and holding a contact:

-Tapping on a contact’s name or photo takes you to the notes screen

-Tapping and holding a contact’s name lets you add a note.

-Tapping and holding a contact’s photo takes you to the Dialer pop-up

Notes screen:

-Displays date and time of note

-Edit the date and time of a note

-Add a hyperlink to a web page

Menu Bar:

-Added Video Tutorial link

-Added Daily Reminders

-Additional Settings that allow you to:

-Toggle on/off the note date and time

-Notify you when an incoming caller has notes in InstantRecall

Floating Action Bar:

-Added Floating Action Bar to Recent and Starred Contacts screen

-Add a contact directly in InstantRecall. Contact is replicated as a local contact on your phone.