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Hedra (Free)

Hedra (Free)


Reviews: 9 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

Allows you to roll the following dice directly from your devices, as though you have the real thing. Great for Role Playing Games, or those times in life when you just have to flip a coin:

Free version contains:

* D2 (a coin)

* D6 (six sided die)

* D20 (twenty sided die)

Full version contains:

* D4 (four sided die)

* D8 (eight sided die)

* D10 (ten sided die)

* D12 (twelve sided die)

* Percentile (two ten sided die)

Optimised for mobile, tablet, and with Android Wear support; both round and square watches are supported. Although developed on an LG G Watch, it does look cooler on a round display. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is the first Polyhedral dice roller with Android Wear support.

All dice are rendered and textures using OpenGL. Haptic feedback is used to emulate the sensation of the dice "striking" a table when rolled.


* Control vibration - Will vibrate during dice rolling. Can be disabled from Mobile/Tablet app.


This is my first developed and published Android app. If you encounter any crashes, please report them. Any and all feedback or suggestions are welcome.