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Grocery List - rShopping

Grocery List - rShopping

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Reviews: 1293 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

Flexible yet Easy

Are you looking for a powerful yet easy to use grocery list on your phone? With

rShopping Grocery List

, the more you use it, the better it gets.

Fully Loaded

rShopping Grocery List includes a sample shopping list of over 300 commonly purchased products but can be used for other types of shopping as well. You can add your own stores and items, or replace the built in list entirely.

Android Wear Support

When you are near a store and you need some items, your watch will show a notification.

Send Shopping List by E-mail or SMS

Check off the items needed while at home and then send an e-mail or SMS of that list to a shopping companion for their trip home. The list can even be arranged by aisle, so that your buddy can complete the task quickly.

Remembers Prices

The last price entered at each store is remembered.

rShopping Grocery List

has a warning when you are about to purchase an item that was less expensive at another store. Eventually,

rShopping Grocery List

can predict the total cost of your next shopping trip.

Arrange Lists Efficiently

Extensive sorting options are available. You can arrange stores and labels by up to three different options, each ascending or descending.

rShopping Grocery List

remembers the arrangement used for each store and label. You can even save a set of sort options for later.

In-Store Basket

An optional "Basket" may be used while shopping to keep a running total of the items you have selected so far. Check off items while in the store and when you are done shopping, use the "Checkout" menu item to quickly mark all of the items in your basket as purchased.

Item Details

Items may have barcodes, pictures, prices (for each store), aisles (for each store), priorities (for each store) and more. Items may also be tagged with any number of "Labels" defined by you.

Barcode Scanning

rShopping Grocery List is compatible with several barcode scanning apps, including:





QuickMark Barcode

Barcode Scanner

QR Barcode Reader

● and more

Barcodes may be assigned to more than one item and multiple barcodes may be assigned to each item. Scan a barcode and the item(s) with that barcode instantly appear(s).

Quickly Make a List

Press the button to the left of an item's name to indicate whether it is needed (a red X), purchased (a green check), or in the basket (a yellow basket).

Powerful Search

For fast searching when a list of items is displayed, tap the

Search Here

button at the top of the screen or slide out your physical keyboard (on some Android phones).

Hide the Clutter, See only Needed Items

Tabs at the top of the item list show and hide items that are needed, in the basket, and/or purchased. More than one of these tabs may be chosen at any time. See this video:

Handy Shopper Replacement

rShopping Grocery List is a good choice for those who miss HandyShopper.

Android Exclusive

This is a native Android application. It is not one of those ported-from-a-fruit-named-company apps. It is responsive and supports many Android specific features including an action bar, the back button, shortcuts, widgets, gestures, and powerful search.

Additional Features:

★ Homescreen widgets

★ Homescreen shortcuts

★ Scan a product to add to/remove from a list

★ Price calculator with conversions

★ Coupon indicator

★ Multiple stores

★ Attach labels to stores

★ Re-useable items