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Reviews: 1894 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

Tired of typing? Want to sound smarter? Fluenty sends cleverly brilliant, AI-generated responses to your messages with a single tap on your smartphone or smartwatch.

Fluenty is not just another messenger.

• Fluenty works with the messengers you already have, including SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, KakaoTalk or Google Hangouts.

• No need to join a new service and invite your friends.

Fluenty is easy to set up and use.

• Fluenty automatically recognizes messages when they reach your phone.

• Heads-up notifications pop up on your phone or Android Wear smartwatch automatically.

• You can select Smart Reply to see a list of responses that Fluenty generates using its Natural Language Understanding engine, or Reply to bring up your keyboard.

Fluenty isn’t just smart; it’s witty.

• Fluenty’s AI engine is tuned to add an element of fun to conversations.

• Fluenty’s AI engine is trained on more than 700 million public conversations from the web.

Fluenty is private and secure.

• Fluenty anonymises your messages and replies, so they aren’t associated with your email address or other identifying information.

• Messages sent to Fluenty’s servers are also encrypted, so no one can intercept them.

Additional Features:

• Custom Reply List: Fluenty automatically creates a list of the 10 replies that you use most frequently, saving you the time of having to type them over and over again. You can also make custom presets, manually.

• Customizable Appearance: Fluenty might well become your most-used app, so it has to look good. You can customise the design of Fluenty’s heads-up notifications to suit your taste and express your personality.

Fluenty was named one of the top 10 Android Wear compatible apps of 2015



For doing a smart reply by SMS and MMS.


For your easter egg! If you find it, you can chat with Fluenty Robot.


For recommending a pre set reply list that works for you.


For sending smart replies.


For notifying you on your phone.