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Find My Watch!

Find My Watch!


Reviews: 92 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

Install now! You'll never know when you need it and it's much easier to sync when your device is close by!

Lost your Android Wear? No Problem! This app flashes and vibrates your Android Wear device until your watch is found! ***Watch must be within Bluetooth range for this to work! Otherwise it cannot communicate with the phone***

Already lost your watch? As long as it's in range of your phone, this app will automatically install and sync. Simply open up the mobile app, hit "Find My Watch!" and listen closely as the watch flashes and vibrates. When you find your wear, tap the stop button to stop, or swipe left on the watch.

Make sure to give it a minute or two to sync before trying it out.

Story behind this app: Lost my watch one day and couldn't find it. Spent 20 minutes looking for it. Turns out it fell behind my bed! With this app you no longer have to look for your watch by yourself.